We are looking for talented people to be part of our growing team.  Join us and help us progress toward a common goal of improving patients’ lives, knowing you are also an integral part of a fast-paced, innovative, committed, and passionate organization.


Culture and Community

OraPharma is committed to the continual development of our employees and managers.  We provide a range of learning opportunities to support individual growth and career management, help cultivate leadership and talent development, and provide access to various other professional development opportunities where our people can help do amazing things.

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Inclusion and Respect

We recognize that our team members are essential to our future.  It is our goal to make everyone feel respected and equally appreciated so that we are all dedicated and committed to the same cause.

Why It Matters

We are a healthcare company, and we make decisions that always put patients first.  Knowing that what we do can have a significant, positive impact on peoples’ lives, is what continues to motivate and drive us.  This awareness and commitment is woven throughout our organization and with our employees, and we try to live into it every single day.